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If you are looking to import a plane from the USA but don’t know how, Paccon is your one-stop shop! Our agent in the USA has specialised staff whose knowledge encompasses not only how to pack a plane into a container but also all of the documentary requirements: FAA, Bills of Sale, Title Searches, Airworthiness Certificate, Fire Safety forms, Free Trade Agreement Declaration, etc,  – a definite ‘minefield’ for those without the experience. We recently managed the importation of this Cessna 195B, which won a Lindy Trophy at Oshkosh some 2-3 years ago.


This is just one of several planes we have managed the importation of – we also ship helicopters!


Contact Geoff Nicholls on in the first instance with your enquiry.



Cessna 195B unpack
Cessna 195B Quaratine inspection
Cessna 195B
Cessna 195B Wings
Cessna 195B Tail plane