Foodstuff Product Import/Export

The import of food products can be packed with dangers to the new importer. Is your business aware of all of the legal requirements imposed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Biosecurity), the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs) and the Board of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSA)? Does your product require an Import Permit, does the packaging show the correct labelling and other information, does the product contain prohibited additives? There is a long list to be considered before your import is shipped or you could risk the product being seized upon entry and destroyed at your expense.

This is where Paccon Logistics can help you. Our experienced specialists have a broad knowledge base and will provide their support and advice as to the legal requirements to be met as well as the best and most cost-effective methods of food imports. Australia is also a signatory to Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) with many countries and these introduce the potential of importing or exporting products free of import Duty.

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